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5 кг Векторятины... IT`S TIME TO КОСЯК!!!
Вот всё в Врейнсе хорошо (по крайне мере пока), кроме концептов. Они ужасны.

A member of the Knights of Hanoi, he serves as Revolver’s right hand man. He calmly analyzes and reports the goings-on of events in LINK VRAINS.
В трейлере он выглядел лучше

Bessho, Ema
A mysterious woman. Based on the clothes she wears, it appears she Duels inside LINK VRAINS.
И она. Эма богична, но на этом концепте... ><"""" В любом случае она топ тян Врейнса и я её буду ждать.:beg::beg::beg:

Zaizen, Akira
The Security Chief of SOL Technology Inc. and Aoi’s older brother. He has a workaholic personality, and doesn’t seem to care much about Aoi.
Теперь вместо Аой мне не нравится её братец. :`D Хотя она тоже всё ещё восторга не вызывает.

Shima, Naoki
Yusaku’s classmate. Although he heavily enjoys Dueling, he’s not very confident in his ability to Duel online in LINK VRAINS. He’s a fan of Playmaker.
Сжечь. Это. Немедленно. Просто. Сжечь.

Zaizen, Aoi
A classmate of Yusaku’s, but remains in the dark as to Yusaku’s True Identity. Online in LINK VRAINS, she goes by the alias “Blue Angel”, a popular Charisma Duelist.
• She has a Brother Complex.
• She wants to admit to her brother that she Duels.

Onizuka, Go
A Duelist who goes by “Go Onizuka” inside LINK VRAINS. Although he’s extremely popular due to his exciting Duels, he’s also known for his friendly and kind-hearted side in the Real World. He’s interested in the person known as “Playmaker”.
• He looks the same in real life and online.
• He holds the title of the strongest Duelist inside LINK VRAINS
• He’s popular even offline.
И его тоже можно сжечь. Гонгензака конечно тоже красотой не блистал, но был хотя бы не такой страшный, и с интересной колодой, а это...

Also claimed from the Interview in Animedia with Yoshida and Director Hosoda:

The series is based in a world roughly 10 years from now where a massive Virtual Reality Network called LINK VRAINS has been established. It’s a suspense thriller style story where Yusaku fights in order to learn the truth of events in the past.
While Yusaku gets his hands on an AI due to certain events, he fights the mysterious hackers called the “Knights of Hanoi” who are trying to get their hands on it as well.
Duels will basically only be done in the Virtual Reality Network, and while Yusaku’s daily High School Life will factor into things, Yusaku doesn’t Duel while at School.

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